Professional painter on textile. I'm thirty seven years old, graduate of Moscow State Textile Academy of Kosygin, Himich Tatyana. I live on the South of Russia, in Pyatigorsk. I graduated the Academy and became a member of Russian Alliance of Designers in 1993. Previously I had graduated the Abramtsev Paint-Industrial College. I worked sixteen years in batic technics. I've learned this technics on manufacture, that's why I possess classical batic and yet a lot of my own expedients in painting. My technics has such difference as unusual picturesque for this manner of textile-painting. The ambit of my art gust is very wide, though it's rather definite. First of all it's the painting of Art Nouveau, especially G. Klimt's painting. With his legacy I work seven years already. The painting of Gogen is also very close to me. I choose Vrubel and Serov from Russian painters. From their oeuvres I draw the condition of "pearl" color in textile-painting. I like to work with plenerny material and with first hands in painting and in folksy arts and crafts.

In painting I don't like repeat the motifs, which were opened by me long ago, except for the motifs of Klimt and Gogen. Each new theme gives me new representation and it means new expedients, technics, and engineering.